ABU First/Second Semester Result Checker For Undergraduate. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria results for the first and second semesters are uploaded online for all students to privately verify. The school management board developed a procedure to defend each student’s grades from the malicious actions of a few students.

You can check your first and second-semester exam results online via the school portal by following the directions on this website without having to wait in line at the department notice board or the exam officer’s office.

Because doing so has led to many unsuccessful students dropping out of school as a result of the embarrassment and ridicule they have encountered from other students, the school administration has advised all faculties and departments not to publicly post students’ examination results on the faculty/department notice board.

The student’s name, password, and registration number are necessary for access to the uploaded results at the school portal. How to find your first/second uploaded results is provided here.

Because many lecturers fail to give the exam officer their students’ results in a timely way, it is advised that students review their complete set of results each term.

The school portal is the location where all pupil results are posted. Below is a list of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria portal addresses for verifying results.


How Results Are Uploaded In The School Portal

Following the marking of their exams, lecturers compile all of the student results and submit them to the department’s HOD, who then forwards them to the exam officer, who then forwards them to the school portals.

With the correct portal address, students can easily and stress-free verify their results online.

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The Required Data For Result Checking

  • Student Registration Number
  • Student Three(3) name (start with surname)
  • The Exam year
  • The Semester


How To Check Your First/Second Semester Results Online

  1. Visit the school portal at https://abu.edu.ng ›
  2. Click on result
  3. Choose the academic year (Example 2022/2023)
  4. Choose the semester (First/Second)
  5. Fill in your registration number ( Reg No)
  6. Fill in your three (3) names (Surname First)
  7. Fill in your password

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