Academic strength is simply an ability or skill that gives students a solid foundation for academic success. These strengths are inside each student but can manifest, if only you demonstrate consistence in learning.

Great strength and ability lies in each and every one of us, whether we are students or not. In fact, life it’s self is a journey and trust me; we are all students in the journey of life.

How well a person succeeds as a student in this journey of life, is dependent on how each person maximizes his or her strength. A major difference between the rich and the poor is that one maximizes his/her intellectual strength, while the other refuses to.

The same thing is applicable in the journey of scholars. The reason why one student out-shines the other, is because one has decided to leverage on his/her strength, while the others has not or probably he or she is yet to find out the strengths, it sounds complicated right?

Some students read and don’t understand, not because they don’t know how to read words, but they don’t know how o maximize their academic strength.

I know students would ask questions like how would a person be able to read words and not understand?

Yes! A big Yes, there are students like that. And to such people, reading is not the problem, but the way they read.

The points I am about to drop now gives a better understanding, especially for students who know how to read but do not understand.



This sounds awkward, but understanding your time schedule is really important for easier and better comprehension. Let me relate this with my personal life as a student:

As a young person, I cannot go for night class for any reason. In fact, if I do not sleep well, no matter how much I read I struggle to comprehend. But in the same hostel, I had a roommate who stays up most of the night reading. Now you may say it takes discipline. Well I will say yes in some cases, but sometimes it is Individual differences.

Therefore understand your time frame. What time do you tend to understand better?



This has to do with the place where you stay to read. Particularly, there are students who read in a noisy environment, but they tend to understand. But for me, I’d tend to read better in a quiet environment.

There are students who do not understand what they are reading, until they listen to music and read at the same time, but if listen to music and at the same time I am reading, I get confused….. That’s it.

So as a student, it is advisable you find an environment that works better for your comprehension. So far, we have talked about two ways to maximize your academic strength, which are:

Understanding your time frame and understanding your environment.

In summary, just understand what works best for you, and success will surely be achieved

We will be focusing more on maximizing your strength in our next article, please stay put!download 2021 10 04T072039.662

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