FULOKOJA Admission List for 2023/2024 -How to Check. The release of the FULOKOJA Admission List for 2023/2024 is an eagerly anticipated event for countless students. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this crucial announcement, how to check it, and what to expect once you’ve secured a spot at FULOKOJA.

How to Check Admission Status

  1. Visit the Official FULOKOJA Website: Start by accessing the official website of FULOKOJA. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection and a compatible device.
  2. Navigate to the Admission Portal: Look for the admission portal or section on the website. This is where you will find information related to admissions.
  3. Provide Required Details: To check your admission status, you will need to enter specific details such as your JAMB registration number, application number, or any other information as instructed on the portal.
  4. Submit Your Information: After entering your details, carefully review them to ensure accuracy. Once you’re confident that the information is correct, submit it.
  5. Check Your Admission Status: The portal will display your admission status. If you have been admitted, congratulations! You will see a notification indicating your successful admission.
  6. Print Your Admission Letter: If you’ve been admitted, it’s essential to print your admission letter for reference and official purposes.

What to Do if You’re Admitted

Acceptance Process

Being admitted to FULOKOJA is a significant achievement, and there are essential steps to follow:

  1. Acceptance Fee: Pay the acceptance fee as directed by the university. This fee is a confirmation of your intention to join FULOKOJA and is usually non-refundable.
  2. Registration: Complete the registration process, which includes submitting necessary documents, attending orientation sessions, and selecting your courses.
  3. Resumption Date: Take note of the resumption date and plan your arrival accordingly.
  4. Accommodation: If you plan to stay in on-campus housing, ensure you follow the guidelines for securing accommodation.
  5. Academic Advising: Seek academic advising to help you plan your academic journey at FULOKOJA.

FULOKOJA Admission Requirements

Before applying for admission to FULOKOJA, it’s crucial to meet the university’s admission requirements, which typically include:

  1. O’Level Results: You must possess a minimum of five O’Level credit passes, including English Language and Mathematics.
  2. JAMB UTME: You need to have a valid JAMB UTME score that meets the cutoff mark set by FULOKOJA for your desired course.
  3. Post-UTME Screening: FULOKOJA conducts a post-UTME screening exercise, and you must participate and perform well.
  4. Direct Entry: If you are applying through Direct Entry, ensure you meet the specific requirements for this admission route.

Courses Offered at FULOKOJA

FULOKOJA offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines. These include:

  1. Natural Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, etc.
  2. Social Sciences: Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, etc.
  3. Arts and Humanities: English, History, Philosophy, Theatre Arts, etc.
  4. Management Sciences: Accounting, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, etc.
  5. Agriculture: Agronomy, Animal Science, Crop Science, Soil Science, etc.
  6. Education: Educational Management, Guidance and Counseling, Curriculum and Instruction, etc.
  7. Law: Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)
  8. Medicine: Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)

Ensure you meet the specific admission requirements for your chosen course.

FULOKOJA Admission Screening Process

The admission screening process at FULOKOJA typically involves the following steps:

  1. Registration: Candidates must register for the screening exercise on the university’s portal during the specified registration period.
  2. Payment: Pay the screening fee as indicated.
  3. Screening Examination: Attend the screening examination, which may consist of questions related to your chosen course.
  4. Results: Check your screening results when they are released.
  5. Merit List: If you meet the cutoff mark and other criteria, your name will appear on the merit list.

FULOKOJA Admission Cut-off Marks

Each academic year, FULOKOJA sets admission cutoff marks for various courses. These marks may vary depending on the competitiveness of the program. It’s essential to check the official admission portal or the university’s website for the specific cutoff marks for the year you are applying.

How to Pay Admission Fee

To pay your admission fee at FULOKOJA, follow these steps:

  1. Log In: Access the university’s admission portal and log in to your account using your credentials.
  2. Generate an Invoice: Look for the option to generate an invoice for the admission fee. This invoice will include details such as the amount to be paid and the payment reference number.
  3. Payment Options: FULOKOJA typically provides various payment options, including bank payments, online payment platforms, and electronic transfers. Choose the method that is most convenient for you.
  4. Payment Confirmation: After making the payment, ensure you obtain a payment receipt or confirmation. This serves as proof of payment.
  5. Update Your Profile: Log back into your admission portal account and update your payment details with the payment reference number and any other required information.


The release of the FULOKOJA Admission List for 2023/2024 is a pivotal moment for prospective students. It marks the beginning of an exciting journey into higher education. As you await the list, remember to stay informed, prepare diligently, and embrace the opportunities that FULOKOJA offers.


  1. How can I check the FULOKOJA Admission List?
    • You can check the FULOKOJA Admission List on the official university website or through reputable educational portals.
  2. What should I do if my name is on the list?
    • If your name appears on the list, you should formally accept the offer by paying the acceptance fee and completing the required documentation.
  3. When should I expect the admission list to be released?
    • The admission list is typically released between July and September, but the exact date can vary.
  4. Are there any scholarship opportunities at FULOKOJA?
    • Yes, FULOKOJA offers both financial aid and merit-based scholarships to support students.
  5. What facilities are available on the FULOKOJA campus?
    • FULOKOJA provides a wide range of facilities, including libraries, laboratories, sports amenities, and various student services to enhance your academic journey.

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