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Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery Past Questions and Answers; We have complete and compiled Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery past questions and answers. We also provided accurate answers to the questions to help you study for a better preparation. The Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery past questions and answers is available in PDF. You can download it and print. You can also use it like that on your phone or computer.

Are you looking for admission into the Ihiala School of Post-Basic Midwifery? If yes, get the Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery past questions and answers, read it, study it an prepare for the Entrance exam.

abia state nursing sch

Check out the sample of the Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery past questions and answers below.

(1) Which of the following metals cannot replace hydrogen from water or steam?

(a) Sodium

(b) Magnesium

(c) Iron Calcium

(e) Copper

(2) The most common type of chemical reaction which alkanes undergone is

(a) Substitution

(b) Addition Condensation

(d) Polymerization Double decomposition

(3) By means of filtration, one component can be obtained pure from an aqueous mixture of sodium chloride and

(a) Potassium nitrate

(b) Sand Lead nitrat

(d) Glucose

(e) Starch

(4) The oxidation state of manganese in potassium termagant is

(a) +7

(b) +5

(c) +3

(d) +2

(e) +1

(5) Nigeria‘s newest state to be categorized as Oil producing state is

(a) Anambra






If you want to get admission this year, then get your past question today. See how to get it below;

How to Get Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery Past Questions and Answers PDF

Pay the sum of N2,000 to the account below

Call or send message to us through this number to show your interest 09026337386 (whatsapp number 07061248865).

You must have these platforms Email, whatsapp, facebook or any other favorable to you, for a pdf file transfer.

The cost of Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery Questions & Answers is #2000(two thousand naira).

Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery Past questions and answers can only be send when payment is made first.

Payment for Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery Past Questions & Answers is to be made into this ACCOUNT below.

Account Name: Imohabasi Bassey Okon

Account Number: 0002127715

Bank Name: Stanbic Bank


After Payment, send the following;

(1) Email address

(2) depositor’s name

(3) amount paid

(4) Proposed Course of Study

Feel very free to call or message this phone number (09026337386) for inquiry..

Why  Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery Past Questions and Answers is Very Needful

Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery officials do not have the time to set new questions. And all they do is to pick questions from past questions. It is now required of you to treat all Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery past questions very important.

The use of these past questions and answers increased the statistics of admitted candidates.

Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery’s past questions and answers serve as a guide to study.

It gives you the area of concentration. most people rewrite this exams because of spending time to study unrelated topics for the Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery exams. meanwhile using this past question and answers makes it more definite with a good sense of direction.

Using the School of Nursing past question increases your speed of studies and enables you cover a larger amount of topics as to keep you fully prepared for the examination before time.

It makes the examination tension lighter and boosts your confidence level. Using the past question prepares you earlier than normal and gives you enough time to revise before the entrance examination date. Previous candidates can attest result of this.

The use of this past question and answer prepares your mind for what you should be expecting on the exams date, the past question comes with the format of how the exams are being set. so, you are fully loaded with the proper format of the examination, therefore, showing you before time what you should expect and how you carry out the answering of the question, this avoids a situation whereby candidates are caught unawares.

so to avoid unnecessary surprises of not knowing how the examination will look like it is advised that you download the free PDF file of this past question and answers so as to show you how the examination will be set.

As already known, every examination comes with  a given time frame, therefore this past questions and answers keep you on the time track.

Other benefits includes having full access to previous examination question and answers as well as the marking scheme. The use of this past question keeps you fit and ready for the examination and kicks out the fear for the entrance examination. this is a swift and save move towards the preparation for the forth coming entrance examination. It is reliable and trusted.


How to Pass Ihiala School of Post Basic Midwifery Exams with Ease

Effective Study

It is said that the level of one study determines his/her result, YES it is true. Every serious candidates that wants to pass his/her exams is required to spend some time to study. That is why we brought a well compiled past questions and answers to you for an effective study. The secret is that schools in Nigeria set exams base on the syllables, and as such the past exams questions is always revisited.

Syllables / Related Materials

This is where many candidates fail, by studying unrelated materials. No matter how voluminous a book for a particular course is, there is always the key topics highlighted for lecturing, most students study on assumption. Related Materials are good for study, mostly past questions and answers. Past questions and answers made exams very simple for me over the years i was in school.


The secret is every time one is preparing for success there must be some form of distraction, so many candidates form of distraction when studying for exams is addiction, friends, fun, social media, internet etc. Time spent on irrelevant things is the time delay for excellent and promotion.


Most people do not know this, the humans mind do not respond to studies when it is stressed beyond it capacity. It is expected of every candidates to sleep well and put the mind to rest before going into a severe study. It is advisable to study bit by bit, many candidates do prefer to study a day to exams date, this is not good enough for the brain.


This is very important to every candidates, research shows that most schools in Nigeria teaches to intimidate students in exams, That is why a lot of candidates will spend time to study but during exams forget almost all they studied, the reasons are as follows;

The reasons why Candidates forget what the spend time to study

  • Intimidating words by lecturers, invigilators, friends etc
  • Ineffective Study
  • Bad posture of study
  • Late preparation of study
  • Unrelated materials for studying
  • Poor notes
  • Poor understanding




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