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Nigerian Custom Service Past Questions and Answers PDF.  We distribute Nigerian Custom Service Past Questions and Answers as a soft copy by email or WhatsApp, and it is always up to date. You have the option to print out the pdf file after downloading it to your phone or computer and using it as a hard copy.

Our Nigerian Custom Service past  Questions and Answers are consistently accurate and well-organized. You can use it to really assist yourself get ready for the upcoming Nigerian Custom Service screening.

Some of the most important questions and solutions from previous Nigerian Custom Service exams are covered in this Past Questions and Answers.

There is no shortcut to success in any Nigerian Custom Service; instead, the key is in how well you comprehended the questions that came before.

Nigeria Customs Service Past Questions And Answers (practice Online Here) - Nairaland / General - Nigeria


The past questions and answers are made available in form of a PDF file, this makes it all simple to download for free.

past questions and answers are fully updated as no stone of the question is left unturned. Applicants are advised to know that this aptitude test is a compulsory activity initiated by the force cooperation to grade and score successful candidates.

This is the more reason you need the past questions and answers as candidates who fail this aptitude test would not be accepted into the Academy.

Nigerian Custom past questions and answers Sample for Previous Years.

1. The chemical in marijuana that causes the high is:

  • A. Nicotine
  • B. THC
  • C. MDMA
  • D. TER

2. Which of these brain parts plays the most important part in your emotional behaviour?

  • A. Cerebellum
  • B. Thalamus
  • C. Amygdala
  • D. Brain stem

3. How can smoking marijuana regularly be especially harmful to teens?

  • A. It lowers your IQ
  • B. It can affect your ability to drive safely
  • C. It can make you less motivated to do well in school
  • D. All of the above

4. What is the most commonly used illicit drug?

  • A. Marijuana
  • B. Heroin
  • C. Ecstasy
  • D. Cocaine

5. Which of these statements is true?

  • A. Drugs enhance your creativity
  • B. A drug may give you a temporary “high,” but when it wears off the crash is lower than before
  • C. Drugs will remove your fears and make life more pleasant
  • D. It takes years to become dependent on drugs

6. Which of these seasons of the year is not present in Nigeria?

  • A. Harmattan
  • B. Dry
  • C. Raining
  • D. Winter

7. Which of these options can be used to control plant growth around the house?

  • A. Genocide
  • B. herbicide
  • C. Insecticide
  • D. Kerosene

8. The sun or any star and the planets which move round it is referred to as ____.

A. Sunny system

B. Solar System

C. Solar Plexus

D. Solar power

How to Get Nigerian Custom Past Questions PDF

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Why You Should Call for Nigerian Custom Past Questions and Answers

1. Majority of security agencies may not have the time to set new questions. And all they do is to pick questions from Nigerian Custom past questions. It is now required of you to treat all Nigerian Custom past questions for you to pass successfully.

2. The use of this past question and answer increased the statistics of admitted candidates no longer face challenges of rewriting examination.

3. Nigerian Custom past question serves as a guide to study.

4. It gives you the area of concentration. most people rewrite this exam because of spending time studying unrelated topics for the      Nigerian Custom exams. meanwhile using this past question and answers makes it more definite with a good sense of direction.

5. Using the Nigerian Custom past question increases your speed of studies and enables you to cover a larger amount of topics to keep you fully prepared for the examination on time.

6. It makes the examination tension lighter and boosts your confidence level. Using the past question prepares you earlier than normal and gives you enough time to revise before the entrance examination date. Previous candidates can attest to the result of this.

7. The use of this past question and answer prepares your mind for what you should be expecting on the exams date, the Nigerian Custom past question comes with the format of how the exams are being set.

so, you are fully loaded with the proper format of the examination, therefore, showing you before time what you should expect and how you carry out the answering of the question, this avoids a situation whereby candidates are caught unawares. so to avoid unnecessary surprises of not knowing how the examination will look like it is advised that you download the free PDF file of this past question and answers so as to show you how the examination will be done.


As already known, every examination comes with a given time frame, therefore these past questions and answers keep you on the time track.


Other benefits include having full access to previous examination questions and answers as well as the marking scheme. The use of this past question keeps you fit and ready for the examination and kicks out the fear for the entrance examination. this is a swift and safe move towards the preparation for the forthcoming entrance examination. It is reliable and trusted.

A Brief History of Nigerian Custom

What is now known as the Nigeria Customs Service – a paramilitary organization, could be said to have been established a little over a century ago when the British Colonial administration appointed Mr. T. A. Wall, in 1891, as the Director-General of Customs for the collection of inland Revenue in Niger Coast Protectorate. This is the formalization of the duties which the Department had been performing under the Royal Niger Company under the leadership of the past Chief Executives.

The name Department of Customs and Excise emerged in 1922 when the first Comptroller of Customs and Excise, Federation of Nigeria was appointed. Towards the end of 1945, the Customs and Excise Preventive service was established under the leadership of Mr. Nicol – a Briton. This was made up of two divisions – Maritime and Preventive. The maritime Division has the responsibility of collecting import and excise duties and other related functions while the Preventive Division was responsible for enforcement duties which included the prevention of smuggling as well as the arrest and prosecution of smugglers.

Sequel to the promulgation of the Customs and Excise Management Act (CEMA) No. 55 of 1958 the affairs of the Department was brought under the management of a Board. The Chairman of the Board of Customs and Excise was made the Chief Executive Officer of the Department. Mr. E. P. C. Langdon, a Briton, was appointed the first Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in 1959. Mr. S. G. Quinton succeeded him. Below is a sample of Nigerian Custom past questions and answers

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