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HOW TO SUCCEED IN ACADEMICS: Going through the four walls of the higher institution, being a College of Education, University or Polytechnic can be very challenging, reason being that you become more open to a new environment with diverse people and diverse characters. however, you can still choose to succeed in such an environment, if you choose to adhere to the little tips I will be dropping here.

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1) FOCUS: Focus is the starting point of succeeding in academics. like we discussed earlier, so many students would come from different backgrounds with different beliefs, but it takes only a student who is focused to achieve a goal.

when you see yourself in the four walls of the higher institution, it doesn’t mean you have arrived your place as a person. it is only a stepping stone and also an indicator to where you are going to, therefore what matters is what you have come to achieve, your goals, your ambition and your career. this indicators would help you focus on a particular direction, other than mesmerize your life on campus.

I would rightly say that the reason why a student will go to school and not succeed is because such a person has no focus, and focus is what stands as a pointer to success.

2) HAVING THE RIGHT ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE LECTURERS: lecturers always have a way of being connected to each other, so therefore having the right attitude towards your lecturers is really important if success must be achieved. as a student, you should never let any of your lecturer have a bad record of you, you should never stand to insult those in authority in your school, reasons being that one lecturer you insult might tell it to his/her colleagues, and it doesn’t end there, instead the upfront goes on and on.

No matter how bad a lecturer treats you, treat them with respect, instead of throwing as abuses or hateful words.

3) PERSISTENCE: this is one of the keys to success in all facets of life. are you facing difficulties in a particular course, keep learning, press on in the place of studies, and make sure you are not know to be a noisy, callous and block headed person around campus.

4) YOUR CHOICE OF FRIENDS: there is an adage that says show me your friends and i will tell you who you are. disassociate with every bad gang in school, make friends with those who are higher than you and understand what success is, and soon, you will see yourself at the top.

5) GET CLOSER TO YOUR SOURCE: are you a christian? make prayers your oxygen. are you a muslim? observe your time of prayers, in all you do, do not forget your creator, and always remember that he is the owner of success.

key into this five steps, and see yourself succeeding in your academics!

hope you found this helpful?

stay put as we bring up more articles that will blow your mind on Academic success!

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