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UBTH School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing Past Questions And Answers. Get your UBTH School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing Past Questions And Answers here for an outstanding result in your upcoming entrance exams. Your success in Exams is our major priority, we have make effort to gather and compile all the UBTH School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing Past Questions And Answers with well arranged answers for you to easily have it download.

Are you aspiring to join the UBTH School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing and looking for the perfect resource to help you prepare for the entrance exams? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of past questions and answers, where to find them, how to use them effectively, and why investing in them is a smart move.


Nigerian Nurses

Why Choose UBTH School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing?

Before we dive into the specifics of past questions and answers, let’s briefly touch upon why you should consider pursuing a career in ophthalmic nursing at UBTH.

The University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing is renowned for its excellent nursing programs. By choosing UBTH, you’re opting for top-tier education, cutting-edge facilities, and a supportive learning environment.

Importance of UBTH School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing Past Questions and Answers.

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The Significance of Past Questions and Answers

  1. Understanding Exam Format: Past questions and answers provide insights into the format and structure of the exam. This includes the types of questions, the number of questions per section, and the time allotted. Understanding the format helps candidates mentally prepare for what to expect on exam day.
  2. Content Familiarity: By reviewing past questions, candidates become familiar with the topics and subjects that are frequently tested. This helps them prioritize their study materials and focus on the most relevant areas.
  3. Assessment of Knowledge: Past questions serve as a self-assessment tool. Candidates can gauge their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter by attempting these questions. This assessment allows them to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Improved Time Management: Practicing with past questions helps candidates refine their time management skills. They learn to allocate the right amount of time to each question, ensuring they complete the entire exam within the stipulated time frame.
  5. Reduced Exam Anxiety: Familiarity with past questions can reduce exam-related anxiety. Candidates are less likely to be caught off guard by unexpected questions when they have practiced with similar ones beforehand.
  6. Application of Knowledge: Past questions require candidates to apply their knowledge to solve problems or answer questions. This goes beyond rote memorization and encourages a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  7. Identification of Trends: Analyzing past questions can reveal trends in the types of questions asked over time. For example, certain topics or concepts may be consistently emphasized, allowing candidates to focus their efforts accordingly.
  8. Targeted Revision: Past questions help candidates identify specific areas that need further revision. Rather than studying everything indiscriminately, they can concentrate on their weaker areas to make more efficient use of their study time.

How to Get UBTH School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing Past Questions And Answers

Pay the sum of N2,000 to the account below

Call or send message to us through this number to show your interest 08052194236 (whatsapp number  08052194236).

You must have these platforms Email, whatsapp, facebook or any other favorable to you, for a pdf file transfer.

The cost of  UBTH School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing Past Questions And Answers is #2000(two thousand naira).

UBTH School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing Past Questions And Answers can only be send when payment is made first.

Payment for UBTH School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing Past Questions And Answers is to be made into this ACCOUNT below.

Account Name: Christopher Etim Itiat

Account Number: 0040923983

Bank: Access Bank PLC


After Payment, send the following;

(1) Email address

(2) depositors name

(3) amount paid

(4) Proposed Course of Study

The purchased UBTH School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing Past Questions And Answers will be uploaded immediately into your email address or your WhatsApp.

100% guaranteed

Benefits of Purchasing Past Questions

Investing in past questions can greatly benefit your exam preparation. Here’s why:

  • Familiarity with Exam Format: Past questions give you a clear idea of the exam format and structure, making you feel more at ease during the actual test.
  • Content Review: They help you revise and consolidate your knowledge, pinpointing areas that require extra attention.
  • Time Management: By practicing with past questions, you learn to manage your time efficiently during the exam.

How to Use Past Questions Effectively

Simply having past questions is not enough; you must use them effectively:

  • Practice Regularly: Set aside dedicated study time for past questions.
  • Simulate Exam Conditions: Try solving past questions under exam conditions to gauge your readiness.
  • Identify Weaknesses: Pay attention to areas where you struggle and focus on improving them.

Testimonials from Successful Students

Don’t just take our word for it. Many successful UBTH School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing students have credited their achievements to past questions and answers. Here are a few inspiring stories:

  • Sarah, a recent graduate, shares, “I couldn’t have aced the entrance exam without those past questions. They were my secret weapon!”
  • Michael, now a practicing ophthalmic nurse, recalls, “I was nervous about the exam, but practicing with past questions built my confidence, and I passed with flying colors.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are these past questions up-to-date with the current curriculum?

Yes, we recommend verifying the currency of the past questions before purchasing.

2. How should I incorporate past questions into my study routine?

Dedicate specific study sessions for past questions, simulating exam conditions as closely as possible.

3. How soon should I start using past questions in my exam preparation?

Begin using past questions early in your preparation to allow ample time for practice and improvement.


In conclusion, past questions and answers are indispensable tools in your journey toward a successful career in Ophthalmic Nursing at UBTH. They provide the much-needed practice and confidence to excel in the entrance exams. Remember to invest in reliable sources, use them effectively, and stay committed to your preparation. With determination and the right resources, you can achieve your goal of joining UBTH School of Post Basic Ophthalmic Nursing. Best of luck!

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