UDUS Student Portal- Login, Registration, School Fee Payment Guideline. The following actions must be followed by all new students in order to properly finish the university registration process.


UDUS Registration exercise for New Students


Payment Details of N13, 000 (NGN7, 000.00 for acceptance, NGN2, 000.00 for screening, NGN2, 000 for the Tertiary Social Health Insurance Program (TSHIP), and NGN2,000.00 for ID card fees) must be paid in full.

1. Go to http://admissions.udusok.edu.ng to access the UDUS admission portal;

2. Select Check Admission

3. Fill in the JAMB/MATRIC Number field and press the “Check Admission” button.
The system will provide you a congrats message along with the program offer if you are accepted. You must:

a. Give a valid personal email address and GSM number. As the email address and phone number you enter will be used for all correspondence between the University and you until you are verified, please make sure the information you offer is accurate. The email address you entered will also receive your proof of payment.

b. Pay the NGN7,000.00 acceptance charge, NGN2,000.00 screening fee, NGN2,000.00 TSHIP fee, and NGN2,000.00 ID card fees.

  • Create a solitary NGN13,000.00 invoice by selecting “Click to Print Payment. “Invoice.” You can create and print the invoice by visiting the Remita website after this redirection.
  • Get a payment receipt after paying the invoice at any bank of your choosing. The receipt’s Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number and the Remita invoice’s MUST match. 
  • Return to the http://admissions.udusok.edu.ng site to confirm your payment and obtain a copy of your admissions record. Note: Be sure to safeguard your receipt and invoice. They are necessary as part of the paperwork that is needed for validation.


Printing your proof of admission letter is only possible once your acceptance fee payments have been confirmed. To print your admissions letter and confirm your payment:

i. Go to http://admissions.udusok.edu.ng, the UDUS admissions site;

ii. Select the Print Acceptance link located at the bottom of the screen following payment;

iii. Click Verify after entering your JAMB/MATRIC Number on the following screen. This will confirm that your payment was made.

iv. Click Print Evidence of Admission to print your evidence of admission letter after the payment has been confirmed as correct.

B. Account Creation

To properly establish your own account, you should have the following available to you:

A digital duplicate of your passport photo (no larger than 2 MB). On a white background, this MUST be of the highest caliber. Please be aware that this photo will be included in ALL of your university documents, including ID cards and notification letters, that call for photos.

a. Information regarding your birthdate;

c. Information on your credentials, such as your JAMB or matriculation number;

d. A working email address (if you don’t already have one, check that you can access it by opening it first);

e. A working GSM number

f. A digital copy of your signature

To register for a student portal account:

a. To create an account, go to http://mis.udusok.edu.ng/.

b. Select “Create account” to launch the “create new account” page and start the account creation process. You will be prompted to authenticate that you are a UDUS student by entering the JAMB number that you were given when you were offered admission when the page opens. (Note that in order for the registration to be successful, all fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be filled in.

c. To create and submit your information to the Portal, fill out all the fields accurately, proofread and review the information you have supplied, and then click the “create new account” button at the bottom of the screen.

A green notice letting you know that the record was successfully created will appear at the top of the screen after the account has been successfully created. In addition to being delivered to the email address you supplied, your username and password will appear on the screen. Make careful note of these particulars. Consider the sensitivity of the case. To access the Portal again, you must have your login and password. The email address you supplied is where you will receive more instructions and some details. REMEMBERING YOUR USERNAME, PASSWORD, AND ACTUAL EMAIL ADDRESS IS ESSENTIAL. PRINTING THIS PAGE IS HIGHLY ADVISED.


For your admission to be confirmed, you must visit the university. Please be aware that you are not yet enrolled as a student at the university until this is verified. You must register on the university portal before coming for confirmation, and you must bring the following paperwork with you when you arrive at the confirmation location:

i. Proof of JAMB acceptance. You need to print this from the JAMB Portal.

ii. Proof of payment (a single remita invoice and single remita receipt) for acceptance, screening, and TSHIP costs.

iii. An admissions document downloaded and printed via the university portal.

iv. Original certification documents, such as JAMB, WAEC/NECO, or any other o/level results. v. Ten (10) images from passports. vi. Your local government’s letter of indigenous status. vii. Age declaration or birth certificate.

viii. The OrignalJAMBslip

All university students must fulfill the following course registration requirements:

a. The registration fees are paid. b. Course registration. 1. COMPLETION OF REGISTRATION FEES
It is mandatory for all returning students to pay N2,000 into the Tertiary Health Insurance Program (TSHIP). In order to pay fees for the Tertiary Health Insurance Program (TSHIP), go to mis.udusok.edu.ng.

b. Enter your credentials to log in.

c. A communication “The username is blocked because of problems with the payment or the examination. Please get in touch with MIS.” To view the reason, click this link.

d. Select the “Click here to see the reason” link. You will be redirected to a different page by the system along with the notification, “Sorry, your account has been blocked. Please pay the Tship charges for the current session.” To initiate your Tship Remita invoicing, click here.

e. Select “click here to generate your Tship Remita invoice” from the menu. You will be sent to Remita by the system.

f. Create the remita, make the payment at any bank, and then continue with the registration process.


Before they can proceed with their course enrollment, all students must pay their tuition. If you are a new student, log in with the password you set when creating your account and your username, which is your admission number as shown on the admissions confirmation. Students who are returning should check in using their current credentials. UDS and Remita invoices are needed for all students in order to finish their payment.

i. Visit http://mis.udusok.edu.ng, the student portal;

ii. Enter your username and password to log in;

iii. Click Pay Fees in the upper left corner of the page to view the costs and charges for the program;

iv. Select “Pay fee”;

v. To generate your UDUS invoice, click Send Fee Details for Processing;

vi. To print your UDUS invoice, follow the steps on the page that displays;

vii. Click on Pay Fees again in the upper left corner of the main page to print the Remita invoice;

viii. On the page that appears, select the Print Remita Invoice link. This will take you to the Remita Payment Gateway website;

ix. To print your invoice from the Remita website, select the “Print Invoice” link located at the upper right-hand corner of the screen;

How To Check the Amount You Paid

The UDUSPortal must have validated your payment before you can proceed with registration. In order to verify your payment;

i. Enter your login credentials to access the Students’ Portal at http://mis.udusok.edu.ng; Select “Verify Payment”

(ii). The “verify payment” page will open as a result;

iii. A notification stating the success or failure of the payment verification process will be shown.

iv. You can register for courses after your payment has been successfully validated.


Below is the steps to register coures

i. Open the http://mis.udusok.edu.ng MIS Portal and log in;

ii. Press the Register button. As a result, the “registration” page will open. The courses available at your program level, together with any electives, will be shown.

iii. To finish registering, click Submit at the bottom of the page.

Take note: You won’t be allowed to register if your payment was unsuccessfully verified or if your fees are unpaid. You will see the notification

1.”you must pay your fees before course registration!”

2. Should you encounter any issues, get in touch with your faculty’s IT support staff or your

 Here’s how to view and print the courses you’ve registered for:

i. Select My Courses after logging into the MIS at http://mis.udusok.edu.ng. The “list of registered courses” page will open as a result.

ii. Fill in the box with the session to print, then press the Apply button. This will show the courses that are enrolled for that particular session. The list can then be printed.


Students can change their enrollment for the current term by using the add/drop courses. Guidelines for adding or deleting courses are provided below:

1. Before you can add or remove courses for the session, you must have registered for them.

2. During regular registration hours or during the first two weeks of the second semester, students are free to add or withdraw courses as needed.

3. Subject to the maximum and minimum units of registration, students may add or remove courses from the current session as well as previously unregistered courses.

the course of action.

4. As long as registration is open, students are free to add or drop courses. After the registration period has ended, adding or removing courses requires:

A payment for add- or remove-fees

c. Completing the add/drop form and getting the department’s approval;

c. Adding or removing employees by departmental designees and/or faculty IT support employees.

5. There are no add/drop costs if a student drops a course because they previously had incomplete grades. adding or removing courses while open enrollment is maintained;

To add/drop courses after close of registration;

i. Click Generate add/drop invoice;
ii. Click Pay the fees and obtain remita receipt;
iii. Click Obtain and fill add/drop form(s);
iv. Click Get the approval of your department;
v. And Submit the form to your department or Faculty IT Support Staff.

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