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Z Zurich Foundation Scholarship 2024 (How to Apply): The 2024 One Young World Award is a fully financed scholarship for future leaders from all across the world. The scholarship pays for all expenses related to attending the One Young World Summit, including lodging, food, and travel to the summit site.

The scholarship is available to those between the ages of 18 and 30 who are dedicated to having a good influence on their communities and who have shown signs of leadership ability.

Additional details and the application deadline are available on the One Young World website.
The Z Zurich Foundation gives vulnerable people the tools they need to better protect themselves from risk, adapt to changing circumstances, and prosper.

In a more equal society, everyone would be free to make their own decisions and have control over their own futures.
The Z Zurich Foundation’s two main tenets—improving mental health and fostering social equity—were not issues we chose at random.

Connecting people with the know with those who are most in need and addressing societal issues from the ground up, in our opinion, is the key to building a brighter future.

Because of this, we are dedicated to helping influential leaders attend the One Young World Summit, the annual gathering of the most diverse group of young leaders in the world.
16 young leaders working on initiatives promoting social fairness through education, employability, or entrepreneurial solutions will be able to attend the One Young World Summit, which takes place in Belfast, United Kingdom, from 2–5 October, thanks to the Z Zurich Foundation Scholarship 2024.
This scholarship might be for you if you’re a young leader trying to promote mental health or build a more egalitarian society.


What You Should Know About Z Zurich Foundation One Young World Scholarship

Z Zurich Foundation 2024 Scholarship for Young Leaders Worldwide (Fully-funded)
Z Zurich Foundation One Young World Scholarship
⦁ Type: College School
⦁ Organization: Z Zurich Foundation
⦁ Country to study: United Kingdom
⦁ School to study: Not specified
⦁ Course to study: Not specified
⦁ State of Origin: Not specified
⦁ Gender: Men and Women
⦁ Application Deadline: March 20, 2024


Table of Content:
⦁ About Z Zurich Foundation
⦁ What Z Zurich Foundation One Young World Scholarship is Known For
⦁ Aim/Benefits of Z Zurich Foundation One Young World Scholarship
⦁ Requirements/Qualification for Z Zurich Foundation One Young World Scholarship
⦁ Application Deadline
⦁ How to Apply

About Z Zurich Foundation

A philanthropic organization called Z Zurich Foundation is supported by a number of Zurich Insurance Group companies (Zurich). It is the main vehicle through which Zurich delivers on its global community investment strategy. It aligns with Zurich’s sustainability agenda, purpose, values, and culture.

There is more to Z Zurich Foundation (the Foundation) than a few people debating what’s best for the world in a closed room.By preparing Zurich staff to take on activist roles in their communities, we are thinking beyond the box.. We unite NGOs, governments, and businesses.

Aim and Benefits of Z Zurich Foundation One Young World Scholarship

⦁ access to Belfast’s 2023 One Young World Summit.
⦁ the ability to participate in additional scholarship initiatives sponsored by the Z Zurich Foundation.
⦁ Pre- and post-One Young World Summit programming may include calls and meetings with the larger Zurich Insurance Group delegation, as well as the opportunity to pitch for funding that could help you have a bigger effect.
⦁ Return flights via air.
⦁ Providing catering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
⦁ Movements between Summit locations in Belfast using ground transportation.

Requirements for Z Zurich Foundation One Young World Scholarship Qualification

⦁ zeal for regional and international concerns.
⦁ demonstrated dedication to bringing about change for the better.
⦁ Willingness to interact and work together with Zurich employees and other scholarship recipients who are also in attendance at the Summit.
⦁ between the ages of 18 and 30 at the One Young World Summit in 2023.
⦁ The impact that has been seen in a field related to the mission of the Z Zurich Foundation, specifically in the areas of promoting social justice and mental health.

Application Deadline of Z Zurich Foundation One Young World Scholarship

March 13, 2023

How to Apply Z Zurich Foundation One Young World Scholarship

Interested and qualified? Go to Z Zurich Foundation on www.oneyoungworld.com to apply
For more details, visit One Young World website


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