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Ihiala School of Basic Midwifery, located in the serene town of Ihiala, Anambra State, is a renowned institution dedicated to training competent midwives. Established over two decades ago, it has earned its reputation for excellence in midwifery education. The school is fully accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN), making it a trusted institution for midwifery training.

Admission Process Overview

Getting into Ihiala School of Basic Midwifery is a competitive endeavor. The school conducts entrance examinations to select the most qualified candidates. The entrance exam is designed to assess your knowledge in various subjects, including mathematics, biology, and English language. To excel in these exams, adequate preparation is crucial.

The Significance of Past Questions

Past questions and answers play a pivotal role in preparing for the entrance exams. They provide a glimpse into the format and content of the actual examination. Aspiring students who invest in past questions often find themselves better equipped to tackle the entrance exams with confidence.

Why Invest in Past Questions and Answers?

Gaining Insight into Exam Format

The structure and format of the entrance exams can be quite perplexing for first-time candidates. However, with access to past questions, you can familiarize yourself with the type of questions, time constraints, and the overall layout of the test. This insight is invaluable in reducing anxiety and increasing your chances of success.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Content

The content covered in the past questions often mirrors what you’ll encounter in the actual exams. This means you can focus your study efforts on the specific topics and subjects that are most likely to appear. It’s a smart way to optimize your study time efficiently.

Time Management Enhancement

One of the challenges in any exam is managing your time effectively. By practicing with past questions, you can develop a time-saving strategy. You’ll learn how to allocate your time to different sections of the exam, ensuring you don’t get stuck on challenging questions.

Confidence Boost

As you work through past questions and see your performance improve, your confidence will soar. Confidence is a key factor in achieving success in any exam, and past questions can provide the boost you need to face the entrance exams with self-assurance.

What to Look for in Past Questions and Answers

Comprehensive Coverage

Ensure that the past questions you choose cover all the relevant subjects and topics that are part of the entrance exam syllabus. A comprehensive resource will leave no stone unturned in your preparation.

Detailed Explanations

Look for past questions that come with detailed explanations for each answer. Understanding the reasoning behind the correct answers can help you grasp the concepts better and improve your problem-solving skills.

Up-to-Date Material

The content and format of entrance exams may change over the years. It’s crucial to use up-to-date past questions to ensure your preparation is aligned with the current requirements. Verify the publication date of the past questions you obtain.

How to Make the Most of Your Past Questions

Setting Up a Study Schedule

Create a study schedule that allows you to systematically cover all the subjects and topics included in the entrance exam. Allocate specific time slots for practicing with past questions.

Self-Assessment and Progress Tracking

Regularly assess your performance by taking timed practice tests with past questions. Track your progress and identify areas where you need improvement. Adjust your study plan accordingly.

Seeking Assistance When Needed

Don’t hesitate to seek help from teachers, tutors, or fellow students if you encounter difficulties with certain topics. Collaboration and guidance can enhance your understanding and performance.

Success Stories from Past Candidates

Real-Life Testimonials

Numerous past candidates who invested time in practicing with past questions have shared their success stories. These individuals not only passed the entrance exams with flying colors but also excelled in their midwifery studies.

The Impact of Past Questions on Their Success

Many successful students attribute their achievements to the diligent use of past questions and answers. They found that past questions provided them with the necessary edge to outperform their peers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I solely rely on past questions for my preparation?

While past questions are a valuable resource, it’s recommended to complement them with textbooks, study guides, and additional study materials to ensure a well-rounded preparation.

Are there sample answers included with the past questions?

Some past question resources include sample answers, while others provide detailed explanations for each question. Look for resources that offer comprehensive support.

Is there any difference between past questions for different years?

While the core subjects and topics remain relatively consistent, there may be variations in the specific questions asked from year to year. Using a range of past questions can help you cover all potential areas of the syllabus.


In your journey to secure a spot at Ihiala School of Basic Midwifery, past questions and answers are your secret weapon. They provide invaluable insight into the exams’ format, content, and time management strategies. By investing in these resources and following a structured study plan, you can boost your confidence and increase your chances of success.


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