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List of all courses offered in IU. In this Article we will provide you with the List of all Courses in IU, are you a student seeking for admission in IU? For you to go further you have to  check here if the course you are seeking to study is offered in IU. Below is the list of all courses offered.

The University of Ilesa stands as a renowned educational institution owned by the State Government of Osun, situated in Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria. Official accreditation and recognition have been conferred upon the university by Nigeria’s National Universities Commission (NUC), thereby affirming its status as a reputable institution for higher learning.

As a student, to study the course of your choice in IU you must follow the due process.

The due process to follow for IU Admission:

  1. Get the Post UTME form
  2. Registration
  3. Screening
  4. Checking the Admission list
  5. Admission induction
 OwnershipState Government-owned university located in Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria.
🎓 AccreditationOfficially accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria.
📚 Courses32 high-quality programmes across multiple faculties.
⚖️ Law FacultyOffers LL. B. Law.
🎨 Arts FacultyDepartments include Linguistics, History and International Studies, Music, and English.
📊 Social SciencesIncludes Accounting, Business Administration, Political Science, Economics, and Geography.
🩺 Medical SciencesOffers Nursing Science, Medical Laboratory Science, Physiology, Anatomy, and Public Health.
🎓 Education FacultyIncludes Science Education, Arts and Social Science Education, Educational Foundation, Adult Education, Vocational and Technical Education, and Educational Management.
  • IU Courses


    Department of Law

    • LL. B. Law: A comprehensive programme in legal studies, focusing on jurisprudence, constitutional law, and commercial law, among other legal disciplines.


    Department of Linguistics

    • B. A. Linguistics: Explore the scientific study of language, its structure, and its nuances.

    Department of History and International Studies

    • B. A. History and International Studies: Dive into past events and international relations to better understand today’s global context.

    Department of Music

    • B. A. Music: Embark on a melodic journey through theory, composition, and performance.

    Department of English

    • B. A. English Language: A deep exploration of English, studying its literature, linguistics, and communicative applications.


    Department of Accounting

    • B. Sc. Accounting: Master the art and science of managing financial records and audits.

    Department of Business Administration

    • B. Sc. Business Administration: Learn the intricacies of business management, operations, and strategy.

    Department of Political Science

    • B. Sc. Political Science: Study political systems, governance, and public policy.

    Department of Economics

    • B. Sc. Economics: Examine economic theories, policies, and their real-world applications.

    Department of Geography

    • B. Sc. Tourism and Hospitality: Focus on the travel industry, hotel management, and sustainable tourism.
    • B. Sc. Transport Planning and Logistic Studies: Investigate the mechanisms of efficient transport and supply chain management.


    Department of Nursing Science

    • B. NSc. Nursing Science: A holistic programme that prepares students for a career in healthcare.

    Department of Medical Laboratory Science

    • BMLS. Medical Laboratory Science: Learn the methods of diagnosing and treating diseases through lab tests.

    Department of Physiology and Anatomy

    • B. Sc. Physiology: Study the functions of living organisms and their parts.
    • B. Sc. Anatomy: Examine the structural aspects of living organisms.

    Department of Public Health

    • B. Sc. Public Health: Explore health policies, epidemiology, and preventive healthcare.

    Department of Biological Sciences

    • B. Sc. Microbiology: Investigate microorganisms and their role in various ecosystems.
    • B. Sc. Biochemistry: Understand the chemical processes within and related to living organisms.

    Department of Computing

    • B. Sc. Computer Science: Learn programming, data structures, and algorithms.
    • B. Sc. Cybersecurity: Equip yourself with the skills to protect digital infrastructures from cyber threats.


    Department of Science Education

    • B. Sc. Ed. Computer Science: Combine computer science with educational methodologies.
    • B. Ed. Integrated Science: Multi-disciplinary science education for future educators.

    Department of Arts and Social Science Education

    • B. A. Ed. English Language: Master the art of teaching English effectively.
    • B. Sc. Ed. Political Science: Prepare to educate the next generation of civic leaders.
    • B. Sc. Ed. Economics: Develop the skills to teach economics in a compelling manner.
    • B. Ed. Social Studies: Equip yourself with a broad education in various social sciences for teaching.

    Department of Educational Foundation

    • B. Ed. Guidance and Counselling: Train to guide and counsel students through their academic and personal lives.

    Department of Adult Education

    • B. Ed. Adult and Continuing Education: Focus on the educational needs of adult learners.

    Department of Vocational and Technical Education

    • B. Sc. Ed. Agricultural Science: Prepare for teaching the principles of agriculture.
    • B. A. Ed. Music: Master the nuances of teaching music to a diverse age range.
    • B. A. Ed. Business Education: Acquire the skills for educating in business-related subjects.

    Department of Educational Management

    • B. Ed. Educational Management: Learn how to manage educational institutions effectively.

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